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*No Follow-Up
*Affordable for All
*100% Safe & Effective
*Guaranteed Results!

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Lice-Free Clinics- Pleasanton


818 Main Street, Suite H
Pleasanton, Ca 94566

Lice-Free Clinics- Concord


1070 Concord Ave, Suite 170
Concord, Ca 94520


One Treatment, in One Hour

Fast and effective. Kills all lice & their nits directly on the scalp while in our clinic.

Safe, No Toxins or Pesticides

We use a natural, proprietary 3-step
dehydration & nit removal process, followed by our medical-grade oil application.

Proven and Guaranteed

If lice return within 30 days,
we will re-treat for free. Thousands of successful treatments since 2016 is why we stand behind our service.


Over-the-counter products no longer work, and the cost of treating at home can add up quickly.

The evolution of SUPER LICE mean the over-the-counter products are ineffective, which makes it extremely difficult, time-consuming, & expensive to treat lice yourself.

It's our goal to help you get your life back.

More than 90% of our customers have attempted treating at home before coming to us. Why do they eventually choose us?

  • EXPERTISE: Our technology and proprietary process kill 100% of lice, even super lice, every time.
  • COST: Doing it yourself can easily become more expensive than a professional treatment.
  • SPEED: Any treatment you do yourself will take weeks to complete (if successful).
  • SOMEONE TO TALK TO: We are here, local, and always available.
  • GUARANTEE & ACCOUNTABLE: We are a local business that depends on providing
  • COMPLETE customer satisfaction.
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Rod N.

Brentwood, CA

We were in a panic and did not know what to do. We Googled and found this place, they accepted us for a same day appointment, so off we went that same day. Once we found it, we were so glad we found them!! Laura was awesome and Luz was extraordinary, we didn't feel weird, as a matter of fact, we had burgers together that night. We felt very welcome and if it wasn't for the fact that we were here for lice removal, we would love to see these gals again!! Great place for this type of sensitive treatment, they made it fun and very comfortable. I hope to never be back here again!! Because of lice.

Johnson H.

Tracy, CA

Cindy is such a wonderful person to work with and very accommodating to our needs. We were referred over to this small business shop from our onsite school daycare center. We were amazed that upon contacting the business, we were able to get an appointment within 2 hrs. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Cindy who took care of everything for us along with the specialist that screened my daughter. They were very amicable, respectful, personable, and very nice to talk to. What I truly like about this business is that they are honest and will not try to sell you something that you don’t need or pressure you into buying any of their products. They strive to deliver the best customer service and satisfaction, even reaching out to make sure we are satisfied. Not a lot of businesses will do that. I highly recommend this place.

Omeira H.

Modesto, CA

Took my kids there and Cindy and her staff were great with them. They made them feel comfortable and got the treatment done. Highly recommend for lice removal. This clinic is super clean and constantly sanitized. They are definitely the best at what they do. Unfortunately, I have had to go to other places before for my kids when they got lice from school. The Lice-Free clinic in Pleasanton had the best prices, knowledgable technicians, and quickest treatments. I know this won't be the last time my children get lice, but at least I know where to go from now on. 

I was so afraid that if I tried to hand pick out the eggs it would take forever and if I MISS one it would come back.

So I decided to make an appointment with Lice Clinics in Sacramento. They assure your satisfaction.  When we got to the clinic Larry checked me and I HAD lice!!!! He provided me with SO much accurate and current information that will save me time and keep me and my girls from getting lice again. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

Thank you to Larry !! I am SO glad I did not mess around with this.