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5 Important Facts About Lice You NEED TO KNOW

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Treatment is 100% guaranteed

Works in a single, 1-hour treatment (backed by a 30-day guarantee), and without any follow-up required. Your infestation will be OVER when you walk out the door!

Works without the use of pesticides or other chemicals

All Natural.  Non-Toxic.  Pesticide-Free.  Hypoallergenic.  Safe for children of all ages & pregnant women.

We check everyone in the household for FREE

We charge a flat rate (not by the hour).  We won’t try to upsell any add-on services or unnecessary products.

Same day appointments

We are your lice emergency room!

We educate our customers on lice prevention and proper home cleaning

Our professional staff can answer any questions, and will reduce the amount of stress you’re experiencing.

90%+ of our customers have tried at least one version of at-home treatment before hiring us. Why do our customers ultimately choose us?


SUPER LICE are real, and they are making it ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for you to get rid of lice yourself. Our technology and process kill 100% of lice, even super lice, every time.

Super lice evolved because of repeated exposure to the chemicals in the most popular over-the-counter (OTC) products over nearly 50 years!  Repeated exposure builds resistance, not only to that particular treatment but to virtually all similar products.  Therefore, OTC products no longer work very well, which means that most people are simply wasting their money on OTC treatments.  On top of that, you may just be prolonging the misery because it can take a week or more to determine that an OTC treatment has failed.

As for home remedies intended to suffocate, lice don’t need to “breathe” for up to eight hours, and you cannot suffocate lice eggs at all.  So how are you going to hold enough mayonnaise, tea tree oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. on the head for 8 hours to suffocate the lice?  The answer is that you can’t.


Doing it yourself can quickly, become more expensive than a professional treatment.

Even if you have a form of lice that are NOT resistant, OTC products will require multiple treatments over several weeks (read the packaging closely) because they cannot kill eggs/nits.  And those treatment costs add up quickly, about as quickly as your frustration with their ineffectiveness!

Of the 3 prescriptions available, the best is only 70% effective, AND can be expensive to obtain.  Doctor visit co-pays along with the medication cost (which can be as much as $300/treatment, AND which are frequently not covered by insurance) add up quickly.

And don’t forget to factor in the cost of missing work!

What do these DIY costs look like?

head lice comparison and cost chart
  •    $30……Replacement hair brushes, combs, hair accessories
  •    $50……Doctor visits for diagnosis and guidance
  •    $95……Extra cleaning supplies & laundry detergent
  •    $100……Increased utilities due to extra laundry
  •    $125……Other lice products, gadgets, prevention products
  •    $180……OTC Kits (Rid, Nix, etc.). 3 Treatments x 2 Kids
  •    $400……Missed work (avg. 3 days @ $50k salary)
  •    $0 – $300……Prescription costs – per person
  •    Total: $1,030


Any treatment you do yourself will take weeks to complete.  And you will never be certain at what point you have actually gotten rid of all the lice.  But, our process guarantees that you will be done in a single visit!  No follow up treatment or products are required.  Just go home, wash some oil out of your hair and YOU ARE DONE!


If you have questions or issues, how helpful are the big companies selling OTC products going to be?
Answer: not very.  But we are local, and always available.   We are here to help YOU!!


If the OTC products don’t work, or the prescriptions from the doctor don’t work, what are they going to do to make it better for you?  Answer:  not much.  However, we are a local business that depends on providing COMPLETE customer satisfaction.  We PROMISE to do whatever is necessary to keep you satisfied.


Before we do any treatment, we always perform a head check using a specially designed lice comb. You will see everything that we find, and then we will discuss the most appropriate treatment option (we have different options depending on your situation).


Our multi-step treatment completely kills both the live lice bugs and eggs right on the head and is 100% effective in a single treatment.* Our proprietary treatment process is scientifically based using the latest technology and processes to completely kill lice and eggs.  The process is also completely natural.


Our staff will provide you with complete instructions about what to do before and after treatment.  This includes how to clean your house and care.  AND, how to prevent lice in the future.  We are available to answer questions any time before and after treatment!!


Before we do any treatment, we always perform a head check using a specially designed lice comb. You will see everything that we find, and then we will discuss the most appropriate treatment option (we have different options depending on your situation).

#1:  SUPER LICE is a very real phenomenon

The over-the-counter chemical products will still kill a lot of lice, but typically NOT ALL of the lice.  The few lice left behind are the super lice,  AND you will have a very hard time locating just a few lice (they are very good at avoiding detection).

#2:  There is no topical product on the market that will KILL lice eggs on the head

There are many products that claim to do so, but those claims are exaggerated, at best.  If there are eggs on the head, you MUST REMOVE all of them to ensure a complete eradication.

#3:  Lice die off the head after 24 hours (must feed to survive)

Also, the do NOT fly, jump, crawl, or burrow. This is GOOD NEWS because it makes cleaning your house much easier than commonly believed.  At any given moment, the lice in your house are isolated ONLY to things that have touched heads in the last 24 hours.

#4:  Itching is NOT a reliable indicator of whether you have lice

Everybody’s’ head itches, it’s just that we don’t normally pay attention to it. But mention the word “lice” to a bald man, and he starts itching.  Also, only about 1/2 the people with lice ever itch.

#5:  Lice can only live on a human host

Lice are highly adapted to ONLY live on humans, not pets.

This is the ONLY process we use in the clinic, and you can do this at home too!

  1. Make sure hair is clean, dry, and straight as possible. For long hair, you may want separate into sections.
  2. Place the comb at the nape of the neck with the tips of the teeth touching the scalp.
  3. Move the comb to the HORIZONTAL position and run the comb up, and along the scalp – 1 TIME ONLY.
  4. Keeping the comb HORIZONTAL, bring the comb over a clean, white surface (like a paper plate), and then tip the comb down.

Repeat moving around the head.
If at any point you discover a lice bug or a lice egg, you can STOP.  The presence of eggs is just as definitive as a bug because something (a bug) had to lay the egg.  Eggs will appear as tiny dark specks (image at left), but they will all be uniform in size and shape (ignore color).  Dandruff flakes will all be different. Dislodge anything caught in the teeth by tapping the comb on the white surface and raking the teeth with your thumbnail.

head lice diagram showing lice terminology


First, some IMPORTANT facts

  • Lice can only transfer by direct hair-to-hair contact, or a direct hair-to-hair “bridge”, like head-to-pillow-to-head.
  • Lice DO NOT fly, jump, burrow, or crawl from somewhere else to your head.
  • Immature bugs (nymphs) and eggs/nits DO NOT transfer.
  • Lice die off the head after 24 hours (must feed to survive).
  • That means that at any given moment, lice in your house are isolated ONLY to things that have touched an infested person’s head in the last 24 hours. So, lice CANNOT crawl up your leg from your carpet, jump on you from your curtains, lay in wait on clothes hanging in the closet for the last week, etc.


  • Clothing/Bedding: Put directly in to the dryer and dry on high heat for ½ hour. Then wash and dry as normal.
  • Any other items that cannot be dried can be isolated for 24 hours, and then the lice will die. Isolate by putting in trash bags, or put in the garage, back deck….etc. Anything to get them away from the head for 24 hours.
  • For furniture, car seats, etc., throw a sheet over them for 24 hours.
  • Brushes/Combs: Bring a pan of water to a boil, REMOVE from the heat and then place brushes/combs into the hot water for 2 minutes
Stop written in red with a head lice warning sign to show Lice Free Clinics no lice will make it out of their doors

IMPORTANT facts about head lice transmission

  • The only way to contract lice is by direct hair-to-hair contact, or a direct hair-to-hair “bridge.” Examples of a bridges are:  Hair-to-comb-to-hair.  Head-to-hat-to-head.
  • Lice DO NOT fly, jump, or crawl from somewhere else to your head.
  • Only mature bugs transfer. Immature bugs (nymphs) and eggs/nits DO NOT transfer.
  • Lice die off the head after 24 hours (must feed to survive).




Become very aware of any situation where you might touch the heads of other people, or you touch things  that might have touched other peoples’ heads, and then avoid those situations.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, put anything on your head that has touched someone else’s head. 


Tight hair means less chance of your hair coming in contact with someone else’s’ hair, AND tight hair means less surface area for a louse to latch onto your head.  If your hair comes in close or frequent contact with someone with lice, the preventative products alone may not stop you from getting lice.